Wednesday, June 19, 2013


These are a gaggle of marker designs dad used to do when I was a wee tike and he was still working at Central Jeep. He called him "Bone Weld". Thought you guys would dig 'em.

And as for the lack of activity on here, I'm getting accustomed to having a very busy schedule and am still working on managing my time. I will try to keep the blog updated with new stuff from myself and pop though as well as keep you all posted on happenings and events.
August 3-4 is Boston ComicCon so expect to see me, mum and our pals at the Sock Talk radio podcast to be there. Prints will be sold, sketches will be drawn and good times had by all.
Same goes for New York ComicCon in October with Cultural Compulsive Disorder.
Also stay tuned for that secret project I mentioned not too long ago.