Monday, January 23, 2012


                                                             Tom Whalen

                                                                 Dave Perillo

                                                              Michael Loya

                                                              Beau Schemery 

                                                          Kevin Gentilcore

                                             Charles Holbert Jr. and Adam Wright

                                                             Ryan Dunlavey

                                                              Matt Mills

                                                            Richard J. Smith

                                                            David Bednarski

                                                              John Calcano

                                               Volt Reborn and Jane's Wardrobe

                                                     Suzy Costa Bridgham

                                                            Kurt Belcher

                                                              Fred Hembeck

                                                                      Junior Bruce

Concept and character I came up with in 2007 and some friends interpreted him over the last 5 years, to see many more go HERE    Nobody the Idiot older misc stuff HERE

Thanks to everyone and these will be compiled in a book soon, plus some new ones hopefully. If you'd like to contribute a Nobody, drop me a line at

The only traits Nobody has is a the white suit, the colored visor and face that changes to suit the artist's tastes and the red rubber gun that shoots yellow foam balls! Oh and the mystery button at his navel, same color as the visor.

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