Sunday, February 12, 2012


Ideas by Geoff Boucher, images by me. They're meant to be fun, Gilliam-esque pastiche lobby cards, and in no way are they supposed to reflect a modern design ethic or ultra serious approaches to what the next Batman flicks may be. Geoff says there is a "funhouse quality" to my work and I approached these with that in mind. I hope you enjoy them!

To read Geoff's synopsis of each: DAY 1 2 3 4


3rdstone said...

OK, a plethora of posters to comment here, I'll try make it short.

I love Michael Douglas as Superman (and he actually looks like his iconic dad here = bonus points). And of course Robin should be a girl, that's the only way that character is bearable IMO.

I'd love to see a Batman movie by Ang Lee with music by Trent Raznor. Jude Law and RD jr would make great antagonists.

The bonus with eternal goddess Christina Hendricks as Catwoman, is of course a wet dream many men would sacrifize a leg or arm to see come true on screen.

And of course, Ashton Cutcher stealing the Batmobile, with Elisha Cuthbert as Harley Quinn seems like tons of fun. Todd Phillips really would make that idéa right.

Cortissa said...

Great ideas and awesome work!

Griffin Hartter said...

Thank you!